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Sunday September 25

I ESTA Spain Congress

provisional program

09:00-10:30 Presentations 6 (Moderated by: Dr. Oriol Saña)

Ines Acosta de Armas

Maurici Dalmau de la Torre

Andrea Fernandez Barros


10:30-11'00  Coffee break

11:00-13:00 Guest talk: GEZA SZILVAY  

"Special features of the Colourstrings approach"

14:00 – 16:30 Presentations 7 (Moderator: Dr. Susana Blanco, Counselor of ESTA Spain)

Ethnomusicology/Folklore/New technologies

Jose Luis Hernandez Ramos

Monika Srncova

Rosa Pampillo

Leandro Ariel Martin Quinteros​

Juan Manuel Escalera Garcia


16´30-17'00  Coffee-break

17:00-18:30 ROUND TABLE (Moderated by: Dr. David Pérez-Jorge, ULL)

Music for all: promoting inclusion in music learning

andre fonseca

Davys Moreno

  • ADHD. Case study in a cello student.

Susana Blanco - Novoa.​

  • Full inclusion in a cello classroom. Case study.

 Paula Hernández - Dionis.  


19:00  Closing talk: CLAUDIO FORCADA

Individual practice: literature, structure and strategies.

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